A Piece of Time by Victoria Fielding

This Life and the Next

Another reason why I wrote A PIECE OF TIME  is always feeling homesick for my first home. I think I came kicking and screaming into this life. We had it really good there, you know?  So, I have always been fascinated by people who have written of their near-death experiences.  The after life is very real […]

Why I Wrote A Piece of Time

I write, in general, because I believe that by sharing our personal life experiences, we can help and  lift others who may be going through similar trials.  I have always wanted to be one on whom nothing is lost: To take every hardship, every challenge, and examine it, and study it, and come up with […]

Starting the Process

Writing a book became a long-term to-do on my bucket list early on; but I had no back-drop, really, no story line for a novel.  When the time came when I actually had some free time in my life,  I prayed about it. My answer was:  “You already have the story–your life.” Because my life […]

Michele Ashman Bell Interviews Victoria Fielding

I really appreciated being asked by Michele Ashman Bell for an interview.  She reviewed my book and asked some intriguing questions that required me to ‘go deep’ to come up with the answers!  I hope you find the interview something that you, too, can relate to!Interview with author Victoria Fielding, author or A Piece of […]