A Piece of Time

A Piece of Time by Victoria FieldingAvailable on Amazon Kindle

This is everyone’s story, not just Lilly Hunt’s.

Like Lilly, who hasn’t endured peer pressure and fought low self-esteem?

Who hasn’t been angry for their losses and heartbroken at losing a loved one?

Whose life hasn’t been impacted with the scourge of an addiction?

Who hasn’t stumbled under the weight of forgiving someone?

Or, harder yet, forgiving oneself?

It isn’t only Lilly who questions why life is so hard, and what IS the point, anyway?

Like Lilly, we wonder—when we set this world down—what will be behind death’s door?

Lilly discovers what lies far beyond that door.  And now, you just may too.

This story is for everyone.

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Reader Recommendations for A Piece of Time

“This book lifted me to a place of forgiveness, peace, and love; it then brought me back to a place of understanding what really matters in my life.”

- Noyce


“Our heroine experiences time in a new dimension . . . a chance to change.”

- Webb


“A Piece of Time is an extraordinary depiction of love, acceptance and forgiveness presented in a most unusual and thought-provoking manner.  You will be compelled to keep reading.  Fielding masterfully presents scenarios that will stimulate your own imagination and tug at your heart strings.”

- Neumann


“Victoria Fielding gives the reader a glimpse into eternity.”

- Bowen


“Captivating!  This book captured my interest in the first chapter and I couldn’t put it down until I had enjoyed its surprising end.  It is one of those feel good books that really touches your heart.  You will want to put it on your shelf and read it over and over again.”

- Godfrey


“You will remember—when you arrive in Heaven and it feels familiar to you—that you read about it in her book.  Victoria Fielding, our tour guide, will put knots in your belly, a lump in your throat, and leave an impression on your heart.  An adventurous ride with some heavenly detours.”

- Marlowe



“I LOVED this.  My eyes are now open to unknown possibilities.  I didn’t just read this book; I felt it, too.  I am so glad this novel came my way.

- Arntsen


Order Your Copy on Amazon Kindle Today!

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