A Piece of Hope

A Piece of Hope by Victoria FieldingNew Release!
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A sequel to A PIECE OF TIME, Lilly’s story takes place a year after recovering from a car crash that took the lives of two of her friends and stole her future as a professional dancer.  Lilly’s temporary journey to the other side taught her much about Heaven, her angels there, her need to forgive and her potential if she chose to return.

Now, with feet solidly planted once again in this world, Lilly Hunt is ready to live again.  Her plans include building a full life with her best friend, Luke.  Nevertheless, life has other plans for her, as Lilly quickly finds herself trying to survive an extreme outdoor wilderness program gone seriously off-center.  Only when Lilly returns home to civilization does she discover that she is in a much more dangerous wilderness, one in which she comes face-to-face with evil.

With her life seriously threatened, and with friends and frenemies from this world and beyond giving her input, what decision is the right decision?  Who can she trust to tell her the truth?  Through Lilly’s experience, we learn there are different ways of dealing with our personal wildernesses. Our standard approach may not be the best one.  Often-times, what life throws at us requires exceptional tools to survive, tools that are readily available to all of us if we only know where to look.

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