Why I Wrote A Piece of Time

I write, in general, because I believe that by sharing our personal life experiences, we can help and  lift others who may be going through similar trials.  I have always wanted to be one on whom nothing is lost:

To take every hardship, every challenge, and examine it, and study it, and come up with the “why” behind the what is what gives the struggle purpose.  There IS a reason why that experience came into our lives; there IS something we needed to learn.  So what IS that lesson, and IF I share my own opportunity for growth with someone else, and they benefit. . . . if their life becomes easier by applying some of the things I learned, THEN the experience isn’t just for my benefit.  It is for a lot of people’s benefit.  Then NONE of the struggle is wasted.

I suppose I could be embarrassed in sharing some of my personal struggles disguised in the life of my characters; after-all, my story—in some parts—isn’t pretty.  But there has been a recurring theme in my life, patterns that keep showing up, and I feel it is THOSE patterns that I need to pay attention to and to write about.  Those patterns are SO MANY OTHERS’ patterns.

Hence, the book “A Piece of Time”. . .

This is everyone’s story, not just Lilly Hunt’s.

Like Lilly,–the main character in “A Piece of Time”–who hasn’t endured peer pressure and fought low self-esteem?

Who hasn’t been angry for their losses and heartbroken at losing a loved one/

Whose life hasn’t been impacted with the scourge of an addiction?

Who hasn’t stumbled under the weight of forgiving someone?

Or, harder yet, forgiving oneself?

It isn’t only Lilly who questions why life is so hard, and

What Is The Point, Anyway?

Like Lilly, we wonder–when we set this world down–

What will be behind death’s door?

Lilly discovers what lies far beyond that door.

And now, you just may, too.

This story is for everyone.

“A Piece of Time” is available Amazon.

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