Starting the Process

Writing a book became a long-term to-do on my bucket list early on; but I had no back-drop, really, no story line for a novel.  When the time came when I actually had some free time in my life,  I prayed about it.

My answer was:  “You already have the story–your life.”

Because my life hasn’t gone from A to B to C; but rather, zigged here and then zagged there, I thought perhaps MY experiences were meant to be shared, to give others perspective, and hopefully tools as to how to cope, to get through their own trials in life.

So, with all those elements in place, A Piece of Time came to me, a little here; a little there.  I have been inspired, guided, directed to write this.  I also know that the adversary—who is very real– has not wanted me to.  In the early stages, when I wondered how I would ever get it written, with a very demanding job, etc., and very little spare time, a discouraging voice whispered in my ear:  “You won’t have time to finish it.”  That was the WRONG thing to say to me.  Whoever it was trying to discourage me underestimated my tenacity.

My Next Book:

My second book, A Piece of Hope is about SURVIVAL:  Physical survival, emotional survival, spiritual survival, social survival, once again taken from my life experiences, and hopefully giving readers the tools to survive what will come in their own lives. We have been born and have had experiences to be made strong.  We can’t abdicate our strength because we are tired, or just want to lay it down.

The message:  “In this life, we not only need to survive, but to THRIVE.”

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