Michele Ashman Bell Interviews Victoria Fielding

I really appreciated being asked by Michele Ashman Bell for an interview.  She reviewed my book and asked some intriguing questions that required me to ‘go deep’ to come up with the answers!  I hope you find the interview something that you, too, can relate to!

Interview with author Victoria Fielding, author or A Piece of Time

“Victoria Fielding is a mother of six, an educator, and a writer. She is currently the academic director of a residential treatment center for troubled teens in Utah. It is there that she works with some of the best kids in the world. Victoria has had a life-long career in public and private education, having taught all ages, but mostly high-energy teens (and she still has her sense of humor—amazing!). As a classroom facilitator, she has trained professionals in the use of various software packages. Also, she was the state director for Kaplan, a national test prep company.

Victoria has lived a full and abundant life. Her life experience provides much of the background for this novel. Victoria is also mindful of all her ancestors, some of whom play a role in A Piece of Time. Her great, great grandmother, Sarah, really did lose her best friend on the plains; Lillie—who loved Teancum dearly– really did misplace her button, which became a fob for her father-in-law’s watch; the farm house does exist, as well as the attic bedroom and the card-table gone mad. Lastly, departed loved-ones have indeed returned to warn, to reassure, and to inspire the discovery of a golden find in a barn loft.

Victoria’s real claim to fame is her family of six awesome kids, their spouses, her two grand-daughters, and all of her other grandchildren waiting to take their turn on earth. When she isn’t working with kids or playing with her grandkids, Victoria loves to hike, garden, write, dance, scrapbook, and eat chocolate (yes, she’s addicted to chocolate).

It is Victoria’s sincere hope that when the last page has been read and the book cover closed, you will recall all the times YOU have been prompted, directed, warned, and comforted. WHO are your guardian angels?

Victoria shared with me why she wrote this book and why she feels so strongly about sharing it with others.

Currently I am the Academic Director at a residential treatment center for troubled youth in Springville, Utah. We just keep filling beds. Four years ago, we had a 33-bed facility; then a 38, then a 44-bed Center. Now we are expanding to 60 beds because of the epidemic of addictions, self-harm, attempted suicides, depression and anxiety among our children. This story is dedicated to “the children, the precious children.”

Much of this story was literally “given” to me and I felt compelled to write it. This is not an LDS novel but, as Jennie pointed out, draws on concepts held by most Christian faiths. Many Christian youth, teetering on the edge, may never pick up scriptures or a ‘religious book,” but they would pick up a novel like a PIECE OF TIME. It is NOT about the money for me; it IS about the message, and I strongly feel that this book –the Plan of Happiness disguised in a novel format—will make kids think twice about drugs and suicide, and it will motivate them to choose their associations more wisely. Lastly, it will teach them that there IS a PLAN for them. I feel so strongly that–for less than the cost of a pizza–parents, Bishops, ministers, and counselors–can use this book as a tool to help children and adults alike remember their value.



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