A Piece of Time by Victoria Fielding

This Life and the Next

Another reason why I wrote A PIECE OF TIME  is always feeling homesick for my first home. I think I came kicking and screaming into this life. We had it really good there, you know?  So, I have always been fascinated by people who have written of their near-death experiences.  The after life is very real to me. I have received direct guidance and help from my deceased father and mother. They have come to me in dreams to warn and direct.   They are very close.

Lastly, having raised six children, some with very real challenges, and then working with the children I do at a residential treatment center, it has become clear to me that teenagers need “tools.”  As our society becomes more secular, and spiritual foundations are eradicated from our society and a child’s upbringing, there is no firm foundation upon which to stand.  Instead of building a life upon a rock, lives have been  built upon shifting sands.  With few boundaries, with abdication of the parent’s role in a child’s life–where parents try to be more friends than parents–children truly suffer.

Treatment centers just keep filling beds. The seriously troubled and sick kids keep coming, and coming, and coming.  Kids need to know who they are; why their being here has value, why  it matters.  And they need to have a sense of where they are going.  Only then does their life hold value and meaning for them. Without those beliefs, what’s the point?

Lilly’s experience on the “other side,” in A PIECE OF TIME, is much like the myriads of real-life people who have crossed over and returned. They know that the next life is every bit as real as the world in which we live.  Thank Heaven we can go home.

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